MCHB National Centers

Family/Professional Partnerships

  • National Center for Family/Professional Partnerships works to increase leadership capacity and promote knowledge and measurement of family-centered care through the Family-to-Family Health Information Centers and communities of learners.
  • National Center for Cultural Competence works to increase the capacity of health care and mental health care programs to design, implement and evaluate culturally and linguistically competent service delivery systems.
  • National Consumer Center for Genetic Resources and Services works to enhance access to quality information, the sharing of quality and vetted resources, peer-to-peer partnership, and organizational development resources in order to achieve parity in access and to increase the quality of care.

Early and Continuous Screening

  • Sickle Cell Disease Newborn Screening Program National Coordinating and Evaluation Center supports grantees in their activities and efforts related to outreach, education and genetic counseling for health care providers, affected individuals across their lifespan, their families, and the general population.
  • National Center on Health Assessment and Management works to ensure that all infants and young children with hearing loss are identified as early as possible and provided with timely and appropriate audiological, medical, and educational intervention. and
  • National Newborn Screening and Genetics Resource Center provides State newborn screening programs with expert consultation and technical assistance, resource development, education and training, and collaboration with stakeholders.
  • The National Center for Children’s Vision and Eye Health advances and promotes children’s vision and eye care, and provides leadership and training to public and private entities.

Health Insurance and Financing

  • Catalyst Center conducts policy research to identify and evaluate financing innovations, disseminate findings broadly using multiple modalities and provide technical assistance on health care financing policy and practice.

Easy to Use Community Services

Medical Home

  • National Center on Medical Home Implementation works to ensure that all children, including children with special health care needs, have access to a medical home by enhancing and providing resources, tools, technical assistance and support.

Health Care Transition

  • National Health Care Transition Center works to assure that youth with/without special health care needs receive care in a medical home that provides family-centered/youth activated transition preparation, planned transfers from pediatric to adult health care and respectful partnerships.

Condition Specific

Data Resources

  • Data Resource Center for Child and Adolescent Health works to advance the effective use of public data on the health and health-related services for children, youth and families; includes national and state-based data from the National Survey of Children’s Health and the National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs.
  • The Newborn Screening Clearinghouse is a central repository of current educational and family support and services information, materials, resources, research, and data on newborn screening.