Family-to-Family Linguistic Initiatives

Family-to-Family Health Information Centers Linguistic Initiatives

The National Center for Ease of Use of Community-Based Services reached out to Family-to-Family Health Information Centers (F2F HICs) across the country to identify resources, tools, and initiatives developed for families who speak languages other than English. We are interested in what helps these families connect with services and programs for their child who has a special health care need. Our goal is to assist Family Voices, F2Fs and Title V/CSHCN programs to identify approaches that increase capacity and improve outcomes in serving linguistic communities, with an emphasis on Latino and Spanish speaking families.

Below you will find examples of information about and resources from 10 F2Fs. These are just a few of the programs that we’ve learned about and we’re always interested in hearing more! If you know of any programs that you would like to be added to this site, please email or visit the National Center for Family/Professional Partnerships to learn more about the great activities F2F HICs are doing.