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Report: Community Health Workers and Children with Special Health Care Needs

The National Center for Community Based Services for Children With Special Health Care Needs and The HSC Foundation have been collaborating to find ways of improving health and related services for children with special health care needs from traditionally underserved communities. The engagement of community health workers (CHWs) has emerged as a very promising strategy for addressing the persistent disparities in the delivery of health care and related services to CSHCN.

We held a meeting with support from the HSC foundation in Washington DC on November 12 and 13 titled, "HIGH EXPECTATIONS”.  To learn more, click here!

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Report: Reducing Health Disparities for Hispanic Children with Special Health Care Needs

Children and youth with special health care needs benefit greatly from community-based services that support their health, development, education, vocation, therapies, recreation and transition to adulthood. Despite this, recent data from the Data Resource Center on CYSHCN document that fully 40 percent families from Hispanic communities do not have an easy time using community-based services (as contrasted with 32 percent of non-Hispanic whites) ( Frequently this is because of lack of availability of services, long wait times and the absence of linguistic services.

This report has been prepared for the U.S. Maternal and Child Health Bureau by the National Center for Community-Based Services to document the problems that Hispanic families of CYSHCN and their providers confront, explore innovative solutions and suggest a number of areas that warrant further policy consideration.

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